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April 15th, 2011

Wee! I added another important paragraph to the user info. so. if this applies to you: "Even though most of the members here do like Jeff because he's attractive, I still insist that you actually care about the stuff he has to say. In other words, his pretty face is just a bonus. If you're just going to come here and squeal about how hot he is and you don't even care about animals or the educational stuff that's brought up in the show, find another community." Order furosemide online in shop.

Tthen you probably are better off finding another place to degrade him. Order furosemide, because it really is degrading. he isn't going out there on national TV so that he can get fangirls, he's going out there to spread his love of nature. I'm not trying to say it's against the rules to think he's hot, because he is. but you gotta like animals and care about what he says. Sorry if I seem mean and unwelcoming.... i'm not mean. just wanted to get that out into the open, that's all. :)

I would like to apologize to everyone since i wrote an 'unfair' entry..as some would say. sorry but i do have an obsession w/ jeff corwin and yes i like his pretty little face..but im also interested in the work he does. i apologize if i didnt mention it before but sometimes, i just cant help myself..and i get a little hyper. its all good and fun..no harm, right? I'm new (in case you couldn't tell). Jeff Corwin has got to be one of the coolest people on the planet. I'd like to be his side-kick. Not only is he smart but he's funny too. That's a plus, order furosemide. He makes learning fun! Heh. I sound like some commercial. View sitemap.

October 2nd, 2008

CVT Board test

I am going to be relocating to PDX in the next 6 or so months.

Currently, I have been working as Vet Tech with the same vet for 9 years.
I worked at another vet for 2 years prior to this.
I am not a CVT, but an on-the-job-trained Vet tech.

Here in PA you can't sit for the exam unless you have a an associates degree or completed a certified course and I see it is similar in Oregon. Although, Oregon seems to have a bit of a grandfather clause in that if you have a certain number of years experience and the vet you work for will check off the requirements and sign or vouch for you, you can be certified or take the exam.

The Question is:

Do I have to of worked in Oregon for those 3-7 years (Depending on what you are applying for), Or if I start working for a vet in Oregon, will the previous 11 years I have been working as a vet tech count?

I am currently the only Vet tech where I work and I do it all.
From Clinics, labs, Surgery prep to Admin/Discharge, Treatment and Post-op.

Would I have to miss the grandfather date of 1/2011 by working in Oregon for a full three years before I can either take the test or be certified?

Thank You in advance!

April 29th, 2008

Hello and Quandry.

Glad I found this group!
Philly based small animal vet practice tech for a tiny office.
I have 10+ years experience and am planning an across the country move to Portland or SF.

Here's my Quandry:

I am not degreed or certified. But, I want to find a job out West that I will make Not too much less then I am, now.
Big problem is...I think I am paid more then the average vet tech with no degree and even more then some RVT's and CVT's I have seen.
My boss is awesome and I have full bennies and retirement to boot!

If I could stand Philadelphia anymore....I would stay because I am terrified I am not going to find anything nearly as nice as what i have, now.

1)Anyone work in those areas know if it is credentials or experience that gets you a job?

2) If it is credential based, what is the average income?
I want to know if it is going to be worth putting myself into student loan debt to get certified or registered.

Are there lot;s of tiny vets offices in those areas or are they all multi-vet practices owned by Banfeild or VCA?

(Not that Banfeild or VCA are bad...I just don't want to work for a huge corporation)


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August 1st, 2007

Background: I'm a 22-year-old vet assistant and live with my parents. Two (three?) years ago our fifth cat, Harry, flew the coop; our cats have always been indoor/outdoor and my parents lax on spay/neuter due to financial issues (despite me nagging them about it constantly), and Harry ran off the day my mom was taking him and the other boys to get neutered. Since then we would see him occasionally throughout the neighborhood, but it became less and less frequent. I saw him once in October and it was the first time in months.

But Sunday night he leapt into my brother's room and we captured him. Monday I left early for work and didn't realize he was home, but when I got home I checked him out. He had some scabbed over former abscesses near his face, was terrified, and had nasty foul diarrhea, but other than that seemed okay. I took him in with me Tuesday and we neutered him, sent out a fecal and a Felv/FIV test, and clipped up his owies. With some i/d in his belly and his neck cleaned up things were looking pretty good as I left him Tuesday night at the clinic, wanting to wait on the lab results before I brought him back home to my four other cats.

Well they came back, and he's FIV positive. I have 4 cats, 3 of them indoor/outdoor, and a 3-bedroom house with no good spot to isolate a cat except my room, which the other cats think is their own. We can't keep him.

So, Portland-area vet techs... do you know of no-kill shelters that take FIV kitties? He's only 4 or 5 years old, and likes chin rubs, and could I think become a great housecat given time. He also seems pretty healthy at this point. Harry deserves a second chance... and unfortunately, our family can't give it to him. :(


March 10th, 2007


So, who got up at 4am and dragged themselves to the OVC in Corvallis? :P

Despite the pain I'm glad I went. I especially enjoyed hearing Lila Miller speak about addressing animal abuse, which doesn't get nearly enough concern, in my experience.
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